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Spousal support, which used to be termed “alimony”, can often be the most contentious part of a marital separation or divorce. If spousal support is litigated, the Court enjoys wide “discretion” (latitude) in setting the amount and duration of the support. The Court is required to consider certain “factors” under the spousal support statute (Section 20-107.1 of the Code of Virginia), but ultimately the decision comes down to the Judge’s concept of what is “fair” and “equitable.” The factors that the Court considers include the duration of the marriage; the age and health of both parties; the contributions of each party, monetary and non-monetary, to the well being of the family; each party’s obligations, needs, and resources; each party’s income and income earning potential; the division of property in the divorce; and the factors that led to the marital dissolution, including “fault” grounds, among others.

So litigation of spousal support entails risks for both parties. Likewise, in negotiation, the attorneys representing the parties may have widely differing opinions on that which they believe to be “fair” or “equitable” in light of their varied experiences in litigating the issue of spousal support. You need an experienced practitioner on your side whether you intend to litigate or negotiate the issue of spousal support. We at BUTLER HODGE MOSS, PLC stand ready to guide you through this complex and contentious process and help you reach a result that is fair to you and which takes into account all the facts, circumstances, and legal authority that apply to your very individual case.

BUTLER HODGE MOSS, PLC handles spousal support cases in the following Cities and Counties in the Fredericksburg area: Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George, Prince William, and the City of Fredericksburg.

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