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Understand the many differences between spousal support (alimony) and child support before you begin your divorce or separation!

Most folks approaching a divorce or marital separation for the first time are generally aware that there may be support obligations from one spouse to the other, particularly when children are involved. But often people are not fully informed of the important differences between “spousal support”, or what used to be called “alimony”, and “child

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“I owned it before we got married….it’s mine, isn’t it??”

Many people experiencing divorce for the first time are surprised to learn that property that they owned prior to the marriage–even property that has remained solely titled to them throughout the marriage—may be considered partially or entirely “marital” property by the court in the divorce. Once the property is deemed “marital”, it is subject to

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The Role of “Fault” in Divorce Decisions

Many, if not most, people involved in a hotly contested marital separation or divorce case are very focused on the bad behavior of their spouse during the marriage. Whether the other spouse committed adulterty, was cruel or abusive, or simply “dropped out” of the marriage for no good reason, many divorce litigants will direct a

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